I love building smart things!

Hi, I’m Jin. I work as a software engineer at Tanvas Inc. Originally from China, I graduated from the MS in Mechanical Engineering program in Northwestern University with specialization in robotics. Earlier, I was an undergraduate mechanical engineering student at Beijing Jiaotong University. After finishing my undergrad degree, I started to think about what new stuff I can bring to the traditional mechanical engineering and then robotics came to my mind. robotics is an interdisciplinary area that involves mechanical, electrical and programming. The idea of building intelligent machines really drew me in. During my time in Northwestern, I did many projects related to robotics and have developed a strong interest in human-machine interaction, mechatronics, control and perception.

As a software engineer now, I am focused on designing and developing interactive software systems and cross-platform apps for electronic devices which really feels like building a brain and bringing life to them.

From mechanical to software engineering, it is such a journey for me as I dive deeper into engineering field. I am excited about what is coming next in my life and my passion to build smart things has never changed.

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