Haptic(Tpad) Phone Worry Stone Project

The first part of the Worry Stone project is to extend the application scope of a TPad phone by creating an Android app to carry out an assigned task - texture sorting according to a given criterion. The app has been integrated with TPad, open CV and IOIO library and written in Android Studio.

The app downloads the textures stored in Github via given urls and presents them on the screen in a sortable grid view. After the user finished the task, the results will be sent to the server and data from the clients will be logged through TCP/IP connection. This app will also collect data from clients’ side and log it to the server for further research investigation purposes as shown in Figure 1.

The second part of our worry stone project is to upgrade the hardware of the Moto G1 Haptic TPad phone. This is composed of new phone selection, PCB modification, case redesigning.

Figure 1: Illustration of the interfaces of the Android app and sorting process

Figure 2: Illustration of the 3D prototyping


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