Motor Control with MCU and Matlab

In this motor control project, I developed a program in C on PIC32 to adjust the motor speed with PWM output and established Current/Torque motion control loops with PID control. Also I constucted a PIC32 embedded system with motor decoder, current sensor , H bridge to control the DC motor in running direction, angle and trajectory. What’s more, serial communication was realized between Matlab and PIC32 to plot the results.
The client, written in MATLAB, communicates with the PIC32 on the NU32 development board via serial port, sending control gains and desired setpoints and motion trajectories, and tracking results are sent back to the MATLAB client for plotting. The PIC32 manages a nested control loop system consisting of a outer PID motion control loop and a high-speed inner PI current (torque) control loop

Figure 1: PID motion control loop and PI current control loop demonstration

Figure 2: Main electronic parts and plotted results of step and cubic trajectories


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